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The next generation of surveys

Our innovative EXL Express Survey solution delivers high quality underwriting insights with lightning fast turnaround time, friction-less customer experience and a budget-friendly price point.

There has been much talk in recent years about virtual surveys supplanting traditional inspections. Several data providers are combining aerial imagery with their proprietary data to calculate replacement costs and even assess risk. These products are intriguing, but the absence of ground level photographs, as well as dated aerial imagery, inhibits risk identification and provides insufficient evidence to take underwriting action.

EXL Express Survey outperforms virtual surveys by adding current street-level photos and the expertise of underwriting technicians to deliver actionable surveys at a competitive costs.
EXL Express Survey is available for both Commercial Lines and Personal Lines policies.

What we do

EXL Express Survey combines new data and technologies with current photographs to quickly and accurately assess risk and validate coverage. This innovative solution leverages proprietary and publicly available data, aerial imagery, current photos and risk assessment to deliver a comprehensive and actionable survey report. A key innovation of this solution is its centralized data compilation and analysis by highly trained, professional underwriting technicians.

EXL Express Survey provides you with accurate risk and construction data verified by professional underwriting technicians, as well as a risk score for easy processing and decision making.

Proven outcomes