Cross content platform management


Leading Global Media Company


Our Client produces 10,000+ hours of media content every year and content is produced in multiple languages with global audience. The different type of content is broadcasted across Linear TV and VOD OTT platforms.

ObjectiveBusiness Impact Numbers

  • Measure content consumption across various platforms
  • Measure viewership cannibalization across platforms
  • Improve content distribution strategy across different platforms to maximize overall viewership

EXL Solution

EXL helped create following set of tools by combining 10+ data sources from multiple channels/sources

  • Automated tableau dashboard to
    • Track content consumption across owned AVOD, SVOD and 3rd party Social/YouTube platforms
    • Track content decay curves & retention metrics across different types of new and existing content across all platforms
    • Track social sentiment to gauge fan reactions on different types of content
  • Models to measure viewership cannibalization across different platforms given different content distribution strategies