Delivering digital contact center operations


EXL’s client, a leading retailer with multiple stores and ecommerce operation, needed to transform its customer service operations. This included delivering an excellent contact centre experience using the channel and language each customer preferred while also reducing costs. However, seasonal fluctuations in the number of staff needed to manage customer requests made it difficult to achieve these goals.


Bringing together our mix of digital solution and domain expertise in contact centre operations, EXL set out to help the client achieve their goals. This included taking a brilliant-at-basics approach to customer interactions. Combining our expertise with different digital solutions allowed contact centre representatives to improve customer satisfaction scores. Automating different processes delivered additional improvements and enable processing over four million calls, one million emails, and two million web chats per year.

Additionally, EXL deployed analytics to improve staffing efficiency for the client. Taking a data-based approach to headcount enabled the client to adjust for their peak staffing needs around the holiday season and then ramp down when fewer representatives were required. This flexible staffing model led to over 200 employees being onboarded over a three-month period and then ramped down the following month rather than carrying a high headcount all year round.


Together, EXL and the client have achieved transformative outcomes in customer experience. This includes reaching £5M in committed cost savings, +92% CSAT scores, and a 90% resolution rate.

EXL is continuing to work with the client on their transformation journey. The client is now well-positioned to adopt additional AI, natural language processing tools, and other digital interventions to further future-proof operations and encourage innovation.

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