Implementing LifePRO™ digital suite to automate underwriting

The challenge

A regional insurance company with more than 2,000 independent agencies throughout the eastern U.S. was seeking a new digital solution for their life insurance application process.

The company’s existing platform relied on a series of manual, paper-based activities: The client had to manually complete an application and give it to an agent who then took it an underwriter. That person manually reviewed the application and possibly requested additional information, such as a physician statement. This entire process was labor intensive and cumbersome and did not allow the company to provide the service level needed to grow in the marketplace.

Additionally, the existing platform was difficult for the company to edit or change. Adding new product offerings was costly because changes required an outside vendor to update the platform. Their existing workflow system was inflexible, expensive and lacking in capabilities.

To be more responsive to its agents and potential policyholders, the company was looking for a more effective way to electronically capture insurance applications and process underwriting information. The company wanted to modernize their processes to drive sustainable, profitable growth.

The solution

The regional life insurance company had worked for many years with EXL Service, using the LifePROTM digital platform to support the administration of their complete policy lifecycle. The company again turned to EXL Service to replace their legacy new business system for the LifePROTM Digital Suite, which automates the entire new business and underwriting process from receipt of insurance application through policy issue.

LDSSM is a comprehensive digital platform that supports underwriting decisions with straight-through processing capability. The system connects to any existing client and pricing systems, is built with simple nocode configuration, and includes pre-built product templates.

Using LDSSM, the insurance company now provides these key features to their agents and underwriters in their new business workflow:

  • Customized agent landing and quote pages
  • Full integration with required applications and data sources for relevant product rules, rates and data
  • Configured business rules to calculate and display insurance quotes
  • Management dashboards for agents and home office personnel, all seeing the same data in real-time

The LDSSM platform enabled a consolidated and supported technology workflow, allowing the insurance company to build easier life insurance application journeys for its customers and deliver a better overall experience.


Using LDSSM, the insurance company has increased sales, streamlined processes and has become self-sufficient in managing the overall solution, allowing them to introduce new products without vendor assistance.

Application submission rates increased to 45% by year-end 2021, as compared to 33% at year-end in 2018 using the previous system. The company also has achieved a cost savings of $250,000 per year in license usage fees and software that was previously needed to support the prior system.

Self-sufficiency to maintain and bring new products to market

With LDSSM, the insurance company was able to deliver new products on their own, on a timely basis. What previously took an unacceptable amount of time to develop, now took only months. Plus the company did not have to rely on EXL Service or any other outside provider to help bring that product to market.

LDSSM can be easily maintained. For example, after an install a production error was discovered. The error was corrected in one day instead waiting four to six weeks as was typical in the previous solution. LDSSM also offers numerous opportunities for the insurance company to build future enhancements.

Improved business interactions; increased bottom line

For the agent, the LDSSM platform has enhanced the service provided to the potential client. For the company, the platform has reduced their operating expenses, which brings more money to their bottom line. Plus, now they can grow their top line because they can easily and quickly launch new products to meet changing market conditions.

A better user experience for all involved

LDSSM has provided a better experience to all constituents—the applicant, the broker and the home office personnel. Both brokers and agents have told the insurance company that the quoting and illustration presentation was straightforward and intuitive, giving the user all the data they needed to make an informed decision.