Innovate, accelerate, thrive with EXL Digital’s cloud receiving center

Accelerating transformation with EXL Digital’s cloud receiving center

Clients can optimize the full potential of digital to create a resilient, agile and transformed operating model with EXL Digital’s cloud native solutions.

  • AI leveraged, cloud native interventions and solutions fuel reimagined processes
  • Experimenting at speed enabled through cloud environments; secure, agile data/ AI-powered solution proving to arrive at the right design for your business needs, allowing faster iterations, swift testing of prototypes; critical decision-making in real time

Accelerating transformation with EXL Digital’s cloud receiving center

Accelerating Transformation

Furthering growth with modern cloud native SAAS tools - Enhancing EXL Digital’s cloud receiving center functionality

EXL Digital’s cloud receiving center leverages modern cloud native tools to offer incremental features and deliver seamless experiences:

Cutting-edge tools developed/managed in the cloud

  • Continuous workflows, superior quality assured
  • API-based tools for enhanced collaboration
  • SaaS models lead to lower operational overhead


MIRO – leveraged for limitless whiteboarding and collaboration, a must have in the post-pandemic remote/hybrid work world;

  • Empowers geographically distributed cross-functional teams to collaborate and communicate; enables centralized communication and discover framework
  • Allows cross-functional brainstorming through an infinite canvas
  • Offers a robust set of widgets, prebuilt templates, and powerful platform capabilities
  • Presents an entire toolkit for user story or customer journey maps, wireframing, roadmap or sprint planning

Open-source tools

  • API-based
  • Not limited by proprietary integrating systems
  • Cost-effective, though require customized implementation
  • Enable seamless technological orchestrations and automation functions


Terraform – allows users to manage infrastructure with configuration files; lends considerable advantage over manual infrastructure management

  • Designed to manage infrastructure on multiple cloud platforms
  • Enables tracking of resource changes throughout deployments
  • Automatically calculates dependencies between resources to create or destroy them in the correct order
  • Allows enterprises to build, change, and manage their infrastructure in a safe, consistent, and repeatable manner
  • Defines resources and infrastructure in human-readable, declarative configuration files, and helps manage end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle
  • Allows defining resource configurations that enterprises can version, reuse, and share
  • Infrastructure-as-code scripts follow the same review and automated deployment cycle as application code

Unlock exceptional value with EXL Digital’s cloud receiving center

  • Enables clients to rightshore operations
  • Commercials converted to a transaction/outcome-based pricing construct
  • A new EXL AI:OS™ cloud receiving center built to integrate automated workflows, bolt-on EXL AI solutions, and a ‘thinner’ elevated human effort layer
  • Speed to outcomes accelerated; trifecta impact (customer experience, business outcomes and efficiency) enhanced for clients.

Stay agile…stay ahead…transform the core!

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