The University for AI

“AI is the next electricity. It has the power to change the future of every company”.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next electricity. It has the power to change the future of every company. Considering AI has been infused into our day-to-day utilities such as phones, cars and homes, there is a need to build a new barometer for today’s AI era. In this era, every company is looking for ways to serve its customers with the right products at the right time. To enable seamless AI-driven companies, we need to transform from bespoke builds to industrialized AI factory.

Responsible AI industrialization

While humans are shaped by their upbringing, experiences and culture, there is no such mechanism to impartially update or diversify AI data sets leading to an uninformed AI. Incomplete knowledge, data and assumptions can harm how people live, work and progress through their lives. Therefore, every AI deployment has to include checks, balances and quality controls to mitigate this partial or incomplete knowledge before it impacts output.

The concept behind the University for AI

Just like we attend a university to get a higher level of education, widen our understanding and increase our intellectual ability, similarly AI models (read Artificial Neural Networks) will need to attend the University for AI to learn and become the best in their respective fields where the AI has been assigned instead of methodically following a set of instructions.



Vision of the University

(what do we want to achieve in the future?)

To build and certify AI models that augment human intelligence and help industry gain traction in AI adoption

Mission of the University

(what are we trying to accomplish?)

  • To work with the industry as an agile governing body that will certify AI models and algorithms
  • To recognize and address potential AI bias before it mushrooms into a full-scale liability
  • To deliver quality output and stimulate creativity across AI community to solve industry problems

Difference between the learning patterns of humans and AI


Why AI learning should be treated differently than human learning?


How will the University function?

The University for AI will be a central source of all industrial information pertaining to AI. It will amplify the reach of AI in a leaner, faster and transparent ways across areas such as claims settlement in Insurance, individualized care to patients in Healthcare, risk management in Banking, content personalization in Media & Entertainment, etc. The University will function through CREDIT (Consulting, Research, Execution, Drafting, Intelligence, and Testing) committees.

The committees’ distinguished members will report to the respective chairperson who will be accountable to the Vice Chancellor for the performance. The university will have a strong working relationship with leading industrial bodies (such as NASSCOM) and analysts (such as HFS, McKinsey, Deloitte, Forrester, etc.) to gain an unbiased and objective ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking in addressing complex challenges facing the business world and stay on top of the game. The end user engagement will be handled by an event management team.

Let’s look at the roles of different committees:

Where will the source of information reside for the University?

Data and information is the backbone of the University and every effort will be made to keep it safe, secure and clean. The University for AI will be using Blockchain technology to build and organize database in a transparent manner and strengthen cybersecurity protocols. There will be country-specific, cloud-based server farms wherein information and knowledge pertaining to a specific country will be retained. The database of knowledge will be clustered and classified at global, industrial and local levels. A comprehensive industrial security protocol for data privacy, protection and global compliance will be followed and implemented in the respective knowledge location, e.g. HIPAA, etc. There will be access management accorded to ranks and levels within and outside the University for AI.

Potential benefits from the University

The University’s AI models will be used as levers for growth rather than as barriers to profitability. The intent will be to industrialize and professionalize AI work to avoid cost overruns and make companies more efficient in their AI spend.

Generic Outcomes from AI University


The future

The University for AI will follow an evolutionary journey to harness the power of data and machine learning in driving superior and faster customer service and meaningful business results. It will act as a catalyst to give shape to the AI technology. This will eventually weed out frustration around the lack of controllability and interpretability. It will enable companies to use data more creatively than ever.


Written by:

D G Srinivasan
VP, EXL Transformation and Solutioning

Rupesh Malik
Manager, EXL Digital