EXL’s Logistics Engineering & Procurement (LEP) team acts like a 4PL provider for its European customers. The LEP team studies a company’s transportation network as whole, and identifies previously hidden synergies to optimize flows.

The procurement process is handled centrally, removing the need for clients to have an employee dedicated to benchmarking and contracting transportation companies at every single location. By cooperating with freight audit teams, LEP functions as a transportation network control tower, reducing freight cost and improving freight budgets.

Save on Freight Cost

With established customer, carrier, and freight forwarder relationships, the LEP team delivers freight savings.


LEP handles approximately 340 different projects per year. This includes projects to deliver cost improvements, additional support, and value-add services.

The team handles five main groups of tasks, with twenty categories divided among those groups

  • Engineering: Studies, multi-stop truckload designs, consolidation, time studies, transportation mode optimization, support tools development, cost estimations
  • Procurement: Market tenders, benchmarking, carrier management, communication and operations, contracting
  • Maintenance: Route maps, network visualization, regular updates
  • Administration: Claims, documentation, KPIs, reporting
  • Other

    Number of projects per year

    Of engineering and 80% procurement projects

    $140,000 Average monthly cost improvement savings impact

    Rate agreements created or 125 revised per year

    5.6% Average return on investment calculated on savings delivered versus program cost

    With capabilities for critically review transportation networks and tools to evaluate transportation costs, LEP can determine whether a customer is paying the right price for transportation, leverages transport domain expertise, and provides technical support for its customer.

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