Improving Market Share
Personalized marketing with Customer One View


Leading Singapore Bank

Business Case

With retail banking space getting increasingly saturated and reduced differentiation in offerings across banks, there was a need to make the bank more personal to the consumer.

However, different product teams within Consumer Banking Group mostly looked at consumers only from their respective products' point of view.

The objective was to get in place a system that provides a complete view of the consumers' habits, priorities and their banking potential, and use the same for personalized cross-sale campaigns.

EXL Analytics Solution

EXL Analytics developed a Customer One View that is being used by the bank to target the right customer, with the right product or offer at the right time, via the right channel.

The Customer One View goes beyond the usual demographic, product and transactional information to identify aspects like life stage, lifestyle preferences, customer habits, friends and family relationships and channel interactions.

The team developed and used innovative data sources like location information from mobile apps, text mining of unstructured data and imputation of external banking relationship based on internal transactions data.


  • Increase in Conversion rates 30%
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in number of customers serviced by an RM for HNI customer base 2X
  • 50% Reduction in lead generation time

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