Point-of-sale financing

The future of retail

The "buy now, pay later" financing market is growing rapidly as consumers expect the flexibility to pay for purchases over time. Traditional issuers are still developing their point-of-sale (POS) lending strategies to keep pace with the scale and speed of disruption that new technology players are bringing to the market. To help organizations fast-track their ability to provide affordable payment options at the point-of-sale and deliver an exceptional consumer experience, EXL and Skeps have partnered to create a packaged, scalable financing solution. The end-to-end, cloud-based solution helps banks and other organizations accelerate technology development and bring point-of-sale financing products to market faster.

How EXL and Skeps can help

Our next generation solution is comprised of five modules to help lenders quickly deliver “buy now, pay later” solutions to consumers.


Analytic strategy and consulting encompassing product, credit and fraud, pricing, marketing and MIS reporting for POS financing solutions.

We offer:

  • Extensive experience in managing POS financing credit strategies for merchants and banks
  • Reporting and monitoring infrastructure capabilities for POS solutions with a talented resource pool that is skilled in state-of-the-art BI tools
  • Cross-industry marketing analytics experience to optimize consumer response

Pre-built API connections across multiple data vendors and payment processors including credit bureaus, fraud and KYC checks, income verification, bank account verification and more.

We offer:

  • Pre-built digital solutions that increase speed to market and allow for an integrated pre-approval platform with access to all three bureaus
  • Plug-in CRM integration to read consumer data and enable upfront financing
  • Built-in data connectors, virtual card capabilities, and plug-ins for e-commerce tools

A fully customizable user interface to suit your unique product requirements with seamless merchant integration, enabling customers to get financing approval within seconds of applying.

We offer:

  • Fulfillment capabilities including loan contracts, payment capabilities, and e-sign functionality
  • Dedicated support through real-time dashboards to manage and monitor multiple credit strategies
  • Settlement capabilities through virtual card, ACH, returns, and dispute support

An end-to-end digital servicing suite, including a best-in-class A/R platform, customer web-portal for self-service, and email, chat and phone support for handling customer queries.

We offer end-to-end servicing capabilities that can include:

  • AR platform: Flexible loan constructs and effective queue management
  • Digital contact: Outbound automated digital communications and digital collections
  • Digital assistant: Self-service portal and chat functionality
  • Operations servicing: Inbound email, live chat, voice via reps and conversational AI
  • Reporting and data sharing: Dashboard reporting, file extracts and bureau reporting

Digital communications automation via email and text on a scheduled cadence with phone collections support available, as needed.

We offer:

  • A scalable digital collections strategy that uses propensity to pay models and personalized payment journeys through machine learning models
  • Phone collections that supplement your existing collections infrastructure to improve recovery performance. We have experience in designing contact strategies based on agent performance, likelihood to pay and loan value.