Lead generation

Lead generation

Learn how a data-driven, holistic approach to marketing can change your business

Lead generation

Learn how a data-driven, holistic approach to marketing can change your business

High intent leads that increase conversion

We help our clients attract new and re-target legacy customers using a variety of online and offline methods. Through our data and analytic models, we help clients drive growth through increased conversion and lowered cost per acquisition.

Our value to you

  • Generate high intent inbound calls: Send calls directly to your call center on a cost-per-call basis
  • Lead generation: Drive prospects directly into your CRM, dialer, or database through automated integration
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): Only pay for leads that convert from your website
  • Acquisition modeling: Leverage data analytics utilizing client and third-party data to identify look-alike audiences
  • Domain expertise: Insurance and Benefits (Individual/Group/Medicare), Healthcare, and Financial Services


Supplement existing marketing

Supplement existing marketing efforts: Adding unique sources and channels to help supplement current marketing efforts

Scalable execution

Scalable execution: Robust breadth of sources and targeting to ensure volume goals are met

Omni-channel capabilities

Omni-channel capabilities: Acquire interested candidates by offline and online channels, expanding reach and awareness

Fully compliant to industry standards

Fully compliant to industry standards: All marketing materials are TCPA, CAN SPAM compliant and adhere to compliance best practices

Featured insights
Global events of the past three years have accelerated the shift to digital across every function of an organization, from operations to marketing and everything in between. And, as new consumer behaviors emerge and the demand for instant gratification with digital transactions continues to increase, only those who have embraced this shift will succeed.
In today’s competitive marketplace, budgets are tight and marketing and sales executives need to do what they can to eliminate waste while identifying the most qualified, winnable leads.
With 10,000 baby boomers aging into Medicare range each day, Medicare enrollment has almost doubled within the last decade. In addition, the annual margins in the Medicare Advantage market were double the margins of individual and group markets. All these factors have made the Medicare Advantage market very attractive for existing players as well as investor-funded new market entrants.
Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, EXL Service talks to The Economist about the evolution of the insurance industry. He finds the insurance industry in interesting times. “There is a big shift towards consumerism,” he explains. “That means the individual consumer is becoming more and more important. You need to have a much more customized offering and the ability to deliver it in real-time.”
We help health care companies unlock the potential of precision marketing. With Human Ingenuity, we look and go deeper to help solve health care companies’ most pressing challenges.