Cloud CoE

Accelerate speed to outcomes

In today’s ‘Always Connected, Always On’ world, growth driven enterprises are striving to build operational resilience and outflank uncertainty by striving to offer enhanced services and experiences, mitigate infrastructural expenses and improve time to market. Organizations must leverage opportunities to re-imagine ways of working, reinvent with agility, and grow with speed in order to optimize key business and customer outcomes. These objectives make Cloud pivotal given the speed, scale, reach and elasticity it offers to enterprises to move away from resource-dependent legacy ways of keeping the lights on, and re-think how to create optimum value for end consumers. Cloud remains the principal enabler for business transformation. It integrates all the elements a business needs to re-invent and integrate people, partners, processes, data and technology into one unified platform, thus enabling organizations to make relevant business offerings at unprecedented speed. By re-imagining their data, platforms and applications on Cloud, enterprises can transform using collaborative innovation and leverage advanced digital technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Visualization to unlock exceptional value.

Data and AI: core cloud capabilities

Data remains at the center of all digital transformation initiatives, and Cloud offers the perfect platform to tap into data and gain key business insights using advanced analytics and machine learning. Cloud also enables seamless organization of unstructured and hard-to-use data, in addition to the ability to scale up and down, simplifying running AI models requiring heavy-duty computing power. Cloud leverage is a top priority for organizations looking to focus on delivering mission critical services and innovation with agility.

Data and AI: core cloud capabilities

EXL differentiators

(What sets EXL Cloud CoE apart)

  • Focused on helping you use data to stay ahead of competition and accelerate your digital transformation journey
  • Profitability optimization leveraging Cloud-native posture to drive new revenue generation sources and revenue protection
  • Cost Reduction and Future Cost Avoidance for improved efficiencies
  • Enhanced Operational Effectiveness with fewer resources and reduced effort
  • Flexible, modular, repeatable and reliable Cloud-native solutions
  • Large repository of pre-built Cloud-native modules & components
  • Design expertise to quickly create new solutions
  • Easy, rapid deployment through API-based integration
  • Success-based pricing focused on outcomes versus product; no surprises during life of engagement
  • One-stop shop, offering end-to-end ownership, multi-disciplinary teams, domain expertise and best-of-breed partners

Leveraging Cloud capabilities by collaborating with a trusted partner will certainly empower growth-driven enterprises to build competitive agility and stay ahead. A robust Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) that operationalizes AI & Analytics by leveraging Cloud for accelerating speed to outcomes remains the best bet to optimize Cloud initiatives. EXL’s Cloud CoE enables seamless Cloud-native re-imagining so enterprises can accelerate digital transformation and up their innovation game.