Improving debt recovery for leading UK utilities company


A leader in the energy and utilities industry. The company manages global operations and is headquartered in the United Kingdom


EXL manages the client’s end-to-end debt recovery cycle. The operations that were migrated to EXL had evolved at the client location and included many small processes and teams leading to multiple handoffs, manual interventions, lack of standardization and inaccuracies. These inefficiencies created delays in debt recovery and generated incorrect warrants. The critical business issues that arose highlighted the need to make the process more efficient and accurate.


A Six Sigma initiative was mandated to transform the process. The project team performed a detailed analysis to identify improvement opportunities.

Based on the analysis, the team developed a solution which seamlessly integrated the people, process and platforms. Over 40 process improvement initiatives were identified and a redesigned process was implemented. Some of the major strategies include cross-training of associates, automation, error-proofing, system integration, redesigning work distribution and call routing. The initiatives were focused on moving towards a collaborative functional design aimed at improving communication and coordination between processes.


  • £5M+ additional annualized revenue
  • Reduced error rate by 50%
  • £600,000 annualized cost savings

EXL’s Operations and Process Excellence efforts provided the following benefits to the client

  • Approximately 50 day reduction in debt path
  • Additional annualized revenue of over £5 million
  • Annualized cost saving of nearly £600 thousand
  • Reduction in error rate by 50%
  • Enhanced process performance and client satisfaction – Idle time reduction, accuracy improvement, etc.
  • Enabled processes to move to double shift seat utilization

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