What we do

EXL helps utility companies build a customer-centric operating model through:

Customer Outcomes
Understanding and measuring the right customer outcomes for success.
  • Defining customer outcomes
  • Linking customer outcomes to process KPIs
  • Customer behavioral analytics
  • Aligning operations with customer outcomes
Outcome Ownership
Customer journey based operations to deliver seamless service.
  • Organization and system restructuring
  • Synergies between front office, middle office and back office 
  • Analytics-driven process inputs and outputs
  • Proactive customer management
  • Change management
  • Outcome-based commercial model
Intelligent Customer Outcome Assurance Model
Assure outcomes through proactive controls.
  • Customer-centered process guidelines
  • Outcome-based quality assurance
  • Issue identification using analytics
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of outcomes

Digital intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and inspires our ideas and research.

Real results

EXL helps companies succeed in the marketplace by applying Digital Intelligence, the combination of domain expertise and data mastery, to provide a deep understanding of their customer and a superior business outcome.

Digital Transformation. Strengthened by domain expertise.

With many leading utilities as clients, we have a firm grasp on the industry and where it’s going.

With a best-in-class understanding of the customer journey and next-gen technology, EXL helps our clients leverage the proliferation of data to acquire new customers, deliver on their customer services promises, and secure customer loyalty.

We partner with you to improve your bottom line and your customer’s experience, an increasingly important metric in an industry facing increasing customer demands.

"Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing" by GSA UK Professional Awards
High Performer
in “HfS Blueprint Report: Utility Operations 2017”
Embedding analytics
category winner at AECUS Innovation Awards

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