Pandemic induced ‘new normal’ means customers are expecting much more from their insurers – whether it is a more flexible and simpler product offering or a seamless service experience. Insurers need to accelerate digital transformation and improve overall operations to deliver smarter and a more personalized experience for their customers and brokers. This also requires insurers to better leverage data and tap the value of analytics and AI at scale.

To succeed, insurers must understand what’s possible and take decisive action to deliver value now and ignite long-term growth. Bringing together Digital, Claims & Underwriting leaders, this webinar discussed how Insurers can strive to become truly customer centric.


Tracy Green
Group Executive Insurance, RACQ

Chris Kirby
Head of Customer Advocacy, TAL

Gail Jones
Head of Underwriting Governance & Strategy (acting), MLC Life Insurance



Abhimanyu Bhola
VP Insurance (ANZ), EXL


In our recent roundtable we identified three key themes to digital transformation in insurance: enhancing the customer experience, rethinking data and how technologies like AI and machine learning can add meaningful value. We also discovered in order to be successful it is key for insurers to strike a balance between automation, self-service options and access to live agents. To find out more how to balance automation while keeping a strong human connection read our article for more information. Click Here

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