Data integration and rules


A financial technology company that provides product solutions to automate the lending processes to credit unions and small banks

The challenge

The client worked with credit unions and small banks throughout the U.S., as well as Mexico and Thailand.

After receiving an order from an international client, the company faced turnaround constraints by both time zones and cultural differences with a downstream service provider. To address the time lag for custom development, the company’s leadership tried to reuse interfaces, but in most cases, this was just not possible. Customers still had to send back interfaces for remediation, often waiting up to a week for the errors to be found and fixed. Specs for each customer had to be completely updated as errors were remediated, another source of work that was overwhelming to the client.

The company needed a partner to help correct the current implementation process so it could absorb the changing resource requirements. EXL stepped in to help.

Business Case

The client had a large volume of sales, but needed to improve its implementation process to serve its clients quickly and efficiently with customized solutions


  • Correct implementation process
  • Manage changing resource requirements

The Results

  • 1 hour cut client service response time from 7 days
  • Improved remediation process
  • Decrease turnaround time
  • Happier clients

Finding a blueprint for future success

The solution

EXL set out to correct the client’s entire implementation process to accept the level of resource constraint which didn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It designed a plan to increase the speed of remediation and deployment. Using proprietary business analysis, the EXL team quickly identified the chokepoint in the implementation process. It saw beyond just the volume of work and strove to find new ways the client could manage their workflow.

The results

EXL’s work on our client’s business analysis team resulted in an overall improvement in the remediation process. With this key value added in, the client was able to more rapidly remediate problems facing its new client integrations. The remediation process reduced turnaround time dramatically, with our client’s customers now waiting one hour instead of one week to resolve show- stopping bugs and change requests. Our client had happy clients.

EXL saw beyond the strain on resources to ferret out the root cause of the bottleneck. The team realized the origin of the strain on resources came from not using the most appropriate development model. The team’s vision transferred knowledge of agile interface remediation techniques to provide the client with a blueprint for future success.

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