EXL Digital Virtual Assist powered by EXL’s proprietary AI based digital intelligence platform, is an advanced solution that provides a unified desktop with contextual 360° customer view, embedded analytics, manual task automations, intelligent extraction and NLP based quick agent assistant.

EXL Digital Virtual Assist provides an omni-channel experience for agents cohesively integrating discrete telephony, email, chat, chat/ voice bots, IVR, SMS and social media

What makes EXL Digital Virtual Assist different

  • Advanced analytics such as interaction, sentiment and first call resolution analytics
  • Eliminates manual steps by automating information extraction, posting and documentation
  • Search customer inquiries with EXL’s proprietary automated research support capability, embedded with a machine learning and NLP engine
  • Pre-load business-specific compliance and regulatory policies
  • Increase front-office efficiency through preemptively resolving customer queries
  • Interaction analytics and customer insights to enhances the success cross/upselling rate
  • Leverages investments in customer contact systems to provide an omni-channel view

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduces cost to serve, and average handling time
  • Intelligent data orchestration and actionable insights
  • Improves first-call resolution and future contact avoidance
  • Eliminates manual steps by automating information extraction and documentation

Key Features

  • Intelligent automation, eliminating manual steps
  • Enhanced compliance, regulatory support and information cascading
  • Single unified view of multiple sources with intelligent extraction
  • NLP-based intelligent search queries for optimized-front office operation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Intuitive and interactive rich-web user interface

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