Customer Journeys X Data-Driven Insights

UK utilities companies are under immense pressure due to increased competition from new market entrants, more informed, price sensitive customers switching providers at high rates, and more stringent customer-focused regulatory changes. In this environment, speed has become a capability. If a company can’t meet a customer’s needs quickly enough, they’ll change to one that can. 

EXL’s client, a large UK energy and home services provider, knew they needed to improve their customer journeys. More than that, they needed to be able to identify the most effective interventions with speed and accuracy. This would take reworking their approach to data, analytics, and operations. 

That’s why the company turned to EXL’s Data and Insights Command Centre, a bolt-on solution built with digital intelligence.  


Utilities companies can’t improve their customer journeys without first gaining a complete view of their customers’ motivations, pain points, and desires. Gathering the information needed to gain such an understanding is no easy task, as this data resides in disparate sources and the acquisition, billing, and leave processes are all highly complex. Even once this data has been gathered, the company still needs to map it back to the relevant customer journey events. 

Overcoming these issues would require context, the understanding that comes from combining EXL’s extensive utilities experience and advanced analytics capabilities. 

EXL helped the client set an organization-wide data strategy to capture the right data, and keep that data consistent as it was used in different processes. This was accompanied by a robust data management framework for individual journeys to ensure accountability and clearly define data ownership. Together, these strategies let the business identify and prioritize data that they most wanted to focus on, such as analyzing information that could get bills out the door faster over data that could be used for improving marketing communications. 


The Command Centre orchestrates advanced analytics and automation to help leaders make better decisions and augment employee performance. 

One of the most important components of the Command Center is its market intelligence and reporting dashboards. These provide real-time insights that enable the organization to identify the root causes of issues, opportunities to improve performance, and perform and measure the results of A/B testing. Customer journey maps can be analyzed from a high or very granular level. Using these dashboards, operations teams can examine the customer churn rate, as well as drill down into specific details such as fuel type, tariff, region, or customer life stage associated with this rate. 

All of this historical data is also used to forecast future events and drivers that may impact customer journeys. It then analyzes past actions that prevented negative events like cancellations, and provides the best possible recommendation to prevent the event from happening. 

The Command Centre also comes with a built-in feature that automatically alters these reports using predefined set rules and algorithms. If a particular KPI jumps beyond permitted threshold levels, the appropriate employee can be notified to fix the problem before it escalates. 


Using the Command Centre, EXL’s client saw customer experience improve and cost-to-serve decrease. Data and analytics helped the business find the root cause of customer journey issues, and make an informed decision on the best intervention to address these challenges. As a result, the company saw an £2.6M cost avoidance by avoiding account setups delays and ~£2M in savings from reducing repeated customer contacts. Their redesigned customer journeys also gave them an advantage in a market that’s only growing more competitive

Solution Summary


  • Client needed to improve customer journeys, but struggled to quickly and accurately choose the best intervention to do so
  • EXL implemented its Data and Insights Command Centre to improve data management, governance, and analysis
  • Advanced algorithms provided insight into the root causes of current customer journey issues and forecasted how to prevent future challenges


  • Data-driven insights delivered through easily understood real-time dashboards
  • Appropriate employees automatically alerted if predefined variables exceed or fall below set threshold levels, ensuring that issues don’t escalate
  • Executives and leaders able to make data-driven decisions based on thorough analysis of current and future variables


  • £2.6M cost avoidance by avoiding account setups delays
  • ~£2M cost saving by reducing repeat customer contacts
  • 13% improvement in debt conversion rate
  • 39 proactive controls implemented to reduce regulatory exposure and improve customer experience

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