For far too long, individuals in a homogenous environment (workplace or marketplace) have been assumed to demonstrate the same set of behaviors, with individual behavior triggers not being accounted for by business leaders. This has essentially led to fragmented application of advanced digital technologies like AI, Analytics and Cloud to drive pre-established business outcomes. However, increased digitization has compelled transformation leads to acknowledge the limitations of cookie-cutter applications in driving critical KPIs like employee engagement, CSAT and NPS. This consciousness has certainly led to the penetration of Behavioral Science into the enterprise world in a phenomenal manner. Behavioral Science aims to influence decision making by systemically combining key elements of design thinking and applied psychology. Applied Behavioral Science enables organizations to:

  • Do a thorough analysis of specific customer or employee behavior cohorts to influence decisions and offer personalized customer offerings (in case of customers), and personalized mentorship and learning plans in case of employees
  • Leverage an integrated behavioral toolkit, moving beyond nudging and tweaking touchpoints, to driving greater convergence between planned and realized outcomes
  • Develop a robust framework to scale behavioral interventions such that outcomes get iteratively better

EXL, a leading Analytics and Operations Management company, in collaboration with Worxogo, a pioneering AI tech company that drives employee performance, has developed AI Coach, a robust AI-powered capability to align behavior and enhance performance.

AI Coach, a key EXL NerveHub module, has been designed as a powerful personal digital coach to track behavior patterns and performance data, and send out daily behavior-shaping nudges. It is a user-friendly tool, which allows easy access through mobile and virtual platforms.

Watch this interesting joint webinar to learn:

  • How AI Coach can be deployed internally and externally to augment outcomes and experiences by treating each end-user (customer/employee) uniquely
  • How AI Coach can be used to drive employee productivity and customer engagement
  • How the solution can be optimized for everyday operations and for creating targeted digital solutions
  • How forward looking organizations can explore and deconstruct the missing layer connected to the knowledge worker and end customer
  • How the EXL-Worxogo partnership will enable targeted application of Behavioral Design and AI at scale.


Sumit Taneja
Global Head for Insurance Digital Transformation & Solutioning,

Gaurav Iyer
Head of Advanced Digital Solutions and Embedded Analytics,

Smriti Agarwal
Vice President, Operations, EXL

Anant Sood
Co-Founder, Worxogo

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