Finding the way forward for media & communications

Gaining a 360 understanding of customers and viewers. Delivering personalized experiences at scale. Discovering new opportunities for growth while keeping costs low. EXL delivers the data-driven insights and flexible partnership model needed to make these goals real for media and communications companies. We have the digital dexterity – and expert capabilities in AI, analytics, and cloud – to turn your data into insights, insights into action, and actions into outcomes that deliver end-to-end improvements.

Who we serve

Diverse client base, ranging from the leading marketing and media communications conglomerates to entertainment media companies and digital media technology solutions.

Media & entertainment solutions

Media & entertainment solutions

EXL’s Management Information Assistant (MIA)

Connected operations


Deliver excellent customer experience in a digitally connected future

Data-driven finance

Discover deeper actionable insights faster

EXL Digital Virtual Assist (DIVA)

AI-powered digital customer experience

EXL Exelia.AI™

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL Nerve Hub™

Next-gen digital command center to orchestrate human and digital workforces

EXL Paymentor℠

Create a unified and personalized debt collection journey for your debtors


AI and NLP powered Content Extraction capability

Media F&A

Data-powered, efficient finance solutions

Revenue acceleration

Experience faster growth and profitability

Why EXL media & entertainment

EXL partners with leading media and advertising companies worldwide to provide data, analytics and AI based solutions.

We have established a media Centre of Excellence to provide deep technical capabilities, high service quality, and better visibility.

We are a trusted partner for a wide range of solutions for the media industry ranging from advanced media analytics, data led F&A insights, and specialized media planning and services.

in all 6 categories in the “2020 ISG Provider Lens<sup>TM</sup> Financial and Accounting Digital Outsourcing for the US & UK” - F&A Consulting Services, Strategic F&A Services, and Transactional F&A Services
Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice
for Data and Analytics Service Providers distinction (2021)
Leader in Everest
"Advanced Analytics & Insights (AA&I) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment" 2021