The Challenge

A less-than-truckload carrier with $4.7B in revenue required help in improving inside sales profitability and re-activating dormant accounts. This required integrating advanced analytics that could identify issues such and sales agent productivity and customer churn. 

Digital Intelligence Solution

EXL leveraged its T&L and analytics expertise to build an inside sales engine that converted prospects to shippers, and shippers to repeat customers. This expanded the client’s list of existing accounts, and reactivated dormant accounts. Sales revenue increased, as did the volume of shipments processed through the client’s network and the amount of revenue per shipment. Churn was reduced through a proprietary analytics model. Additionally, the cost per sale was also reduced. 

Real Results

-    $60M in new revenue across one year
-    11% improvement in channel operating profit 
-    $300M target for new top-line revenue within three years

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