Famous historian and a professor, Yuval Noah Harari, said,

"Emergencies fast-forward historical processes and decisions that in normal times could take years of deliberation"

COVID-19 is one such emergency, which has pushed organizations across the globe to adapt to a new style of working. While they were already struggling to embrace diversity and inclusion in the workforce, they suddenly had to adapt to a new challenge – with very little notice – remote workforce.

Most organizations acted swiftly in enabling work-from-home (WFH) policies for their employees. Almost overnight, WFH became the “NEW NORMAL.” Millions of workers across the globe started telecommuting, a practice which was fairly sparse in pre-COVID times. While this new normal provides flexibility, improves work-life balance for employees, and saves facilities management costs for organizations, it also presents new challenges for organizational leaders.

Light-touch supervision, flexible work schedules and potential distractions, all part of the new WFH model, tend to keep operations managers awake at night. In fact, many employees and managers have never worked from home, creating unforeseen difficulties in maintaining pre-COVID service levels, employee engagement and business alignment.


As the situation persists worldwide, managers responsible for orchestrating WFH practices would do well to consider the following three pillars for success under the new normal:

  • Access to real-time insights
  • Dynamic decision-making
  • An agile platform to drive change

EXL’s Digital Command Center (DCC) supports and enables these three pillars in a responsive, scalable and industry-agnostic solution. In short, it helps companies manage diverse workforces (human or digital, remote or co-located) in real-time from a single console, while also establishing a distinct link between strategic changes and their impact on customer outcomes and business KPIs.

DCC accomplishes this by unifying data from multiple sources, and providing powerful visualizations that help track KPIs, workforce productivity, transformation roadmaps, customer journeys, strategy simulations and other innovations. With DCC, organizations can monitor performance, build control, align priorities, improve service levels and engage the workforce to drive customer satisfaction and business growth.


Leveraging EXL’s DCC, organizations can plan, track and respond effectively to many of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, specifically:

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EXL’s DCC solution suite combines best-in-class proprietary and partner modules required to manage operations, drive digital operations management, and support transformational outcomes.

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Written by

Sumit Taneja
VP and Global Lead
Insurance Transformation, EXL

Rajiv Sethi
Sr. Assistant VP and Implementation Lead
Digital Command Center, EXL


Puneet Mehra
VP and Transformation Lead
Insurance P&C, EXL


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