Unbilled Manager
Predictive Analytics leads to rapid increase in resolved unbilled accounts


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With a lack of standardization across key processes, it became apparent that the manual process was error prone and real-time tracking of unbilled performance was not taking place. EXL introduced its Unbilled Manager, which is built on the Business EXLerator Framework®, across unbilled processes

Business case

The client had a high volume of customers who had not been billed, well past the due date. Unbilled revenue was £25 MM and increasing by £3.2 MM per week. This led to a number of issues, including an increased need for working capital, numerous regulatory misses, high debt and increased write offs, and a negative customer experience.


  • Reduction in value of unbilled accounts 74%
  • 30% Improvement in work allocation
  • Reduction in number of unbilled accounts 72%
  • Eliminated - Manual reporting with automated performance management dashboards

Award winning results

At the 2014 Alsbridge Innovation Awards, the EXL/ client partnership was selected as a winner in the following categories:

  • Best use of analytics
  • Best use of a new platform or application


The Unbilled Manager focuses on preventing revenue leakages by automating the processes, identifying unbilled accounts, prioritizing them and streamlining the workflow to avoid any bottlenecks.

The solution consisted of the following transformational interventions to maximize impact:

  • Predictive model to prioritize probability of clearance, expedite clearance and generate more value
  • Automated validation tool to reduce duplication of work and improve operational efficiencies
  • Smart work management to allocate work to users per their skill set and help eliminate redundant steps, reducing work allocation effort by 15% to 30%
  • Automated performance management dashboards to provide end-to-end visibility of unbilled accounts with customizable reporting

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