EXL Smart Audit Solution improves quality audit through AI

EXL Smart Audit

AI-driven audit to improve business and customer outcomes

EXL Smart Audit

AI-driven audit to improve business and customer outcomes

How is EXL Smart Audit different.


Highly replicable and configurable solution


Strong focus on customer & business outcomes


Easy to implement & maintain


No platform overhaul required

Product features

digital smart
digital smart
digital smart

Speech & Text Analytics

digital smart

Sentiment Analytics

digital smart

Predictive Analytics

digital smart

Comprehensive Dashboard

digital smart

Repeatable Solution

digital smart

  • Speech & Text Analytics
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Repeatable Solution

Proven outcomes

Focused around business outcomes and customer experience, the EXL Smart Audit solution enables agile decision-making through relevant customer data points and actionable insights. It is predictive in nature, and robust enough to highlight pertinent gaps within the process.

Featured insights
Auditors manually evaluate numerous documents and contracts, review implementations of regulatory changes, and investigate dubious transactions. Owing to the large volume of data and the high cost of these efforts, auditors usually achieve these goals by relying on a sample-based approach or performing the audit based on a defined checklist.
The constantly evolving regulatory and compliance framework across industries calls for more stringent governance and stricter adherence by enterprises to mitigate risk of customer complaints or penalties from potential breaches. Additionally, evolving customer expectations have been driving businesses to enhance capability by exploiting cutting-edge technologies, and monitor trends for swift remedial action for a superior customer experience.
With heightened regulatory and legislative requirements, Smart Audit powered by EXL’s proprietary AI based digital intelligence platform, benefits the insurance industry across geographies by making processes robust and compliant. The solution can significantly uplift coverage and improve compliance in light of heightened regulatory and legislative scrutiny.
A quality audit function plays a critical role in Healthcare organizations, ensuring compliance with requirements of plan sponsor, federal and state regulators and appropriate accrediting bodies such as NCQA, URAC, and CMS.