The Challenge

The majority of customer complaints that impact airline finances are triggered by incorrect refund calculations. Rules governing refunds vary by scenario, sector, and carrier, making overseeing this process complex and knowledge intensive.

Digital Intelligence

EXL services refund requests and the associated invoice generation all leading airlines across 10 markets including the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Automating refund rules, and linking these rules with different refund scenarios, enables largely error-free processing by analysts. This automated solution further links information from sale or debit invoices with refund data to generate refund invoices.  Any knowledge gaps in the team handling these tasks are supplemented by a performance evaluation platform, and a knowledge management solution maintains SOP adherence and offers clear scenario-specific instructions. 

Real Results

-    20% improved efficiency in refund processing
-    10% reduction in customer complaints
-    80% increase in invoicing efficiency
-    23% increase in overall productivity

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