Webinar- The New Customer Experience Challenge: Creating Digital and Data-led Interactions

The majority of customer interactions now occur over digital channels. It has also become the preferred method by most companies. This creates opportunities for organizations to collect more insight-driving consumer data and lower expenses from this shifting to digital channels with a lower cost to serve.

However, this digital-first approach means businesses run the risk of alienating customers during touchpoints requiring human empathy and understanding.

A key challenge that emerges is which customer is more suitable to push for digital vs. human interaction. This webinar will cover how organizations can design digital customer journeys that still maintain the human touch – and how data is key for making that determination.

Webinar now on demand, as first presented by IAOP

Key takeaways:

  • Research suggests that that 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience, there is a 16% price premium that consumers are willing to pay for a better customer experience, and a 3-5% increased customer retention rate for companies taking a proactive customer experience approach.
  • Companies that want to be seen as customer-centric need to use data and analytics to not just understand their customer needs, wants and desires, but also to understand their competition. They should design digital journeys by continually leveraging data-led interactions to improve and further personalise the customer experience.
  • The most important thing for businesses is to try and understand customer emotions and “why” behind the behavioural data that they are getting, and tailor their customer experiences based on that.
  • Digital transformation needs to become a habit and can no longer be a one-off activity. Customer expectations, the business environment and competitive landscape are continually evolving and so should companies to stay ahead of the curve.

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