EXL’s client, a large US-based L&A insurer, needed to modernize its new business and underwriting processes.

They wanted a platform that could:

  • Automate time-consuming manual underwriting tasks to best use their underwriting talent
  • Easily integrate with third-party data and systems
  • Control costs on a per application basis
  • Improve efficiency, data accuracy and reduce exceptions


EXL leveraged LDS new business and underwriting technologies to achieve the following key solution tenets:

  • Configured customized agent landing and quote pages
  • Full integration with required applications and data for relevant the product rules and rates
  • Configured business rules to calculate and display the quotes for insurance
  • Management dashboards for agents and home office personnel - in process applications, sent proposals, status
  • Business users can add, delete or modify the business rules with proper authorization
  • Exception handling and management


  • The client has a complete end-to-end online solution for its new business platform needs
  • Straight-through processing accomplished using third party data, many referrals now handled by junior underwriters
  • The platform supports any product, any distribution channel
  • Built-in automation, standardized hand-offs between underwriters and customer service representatives
  • Upgrade path to take advantage of new functionality and data integrations
  • Client has launched new products without vendor assistance
  • Now receiving 45% of applications electronically from agents leading to increased productivity and cut costs

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