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Select one or more of the four data filters to refine your search for the geographic population hot spots at risk. The data view is based on: COVID death rate, hospital bed capacity, county health factors ranking, and clinical member risk. Hover over emerging risk hot spots for additional county level detail. Double click to zoom in, use the search icon to search for specific counties, or select the home icon to reset the map. You may also use the tool bar to zoom in on a geographic area.

The information provided is a result of the internal analysis of 1.5 million de-identified member’s, representative of the US population, from the EXL Health Internal Commercial Benchmark.

A demonstration view highlighting future COVID-19 risk

Get a quick overview of how to identify emerging at-risk hot spots. Pinpoint counties with greater health disparities and high clinical risk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The data sources included in the analysis are a combination of EXL’s own proprietary Commercial Internal Benchmark claims database which is representative of the U.S. population that tracks risk factors based on pre-existing conditions, state-reported County Health Rankings, and publicly available demographic and sociographic data. COVID-19 death rate data is automatically updated daily into the map.

With this data in-hand, payers and providers in high-risk counties will be able to make better decisions and put intervention planning in place, including obtaining necessary resources and developing multi-tier strategies for community and outreach programs targeted at high risk populations.

  • Proactively identify vulnerable populations
  • Pinpoint counties with greater health disparities and poor health factors
  • Understand where to focus and scale resources
  • Identify where barriers to treatment and care may exist
  • Inform scenario planning to address health disparities risk

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