Solution Highlights

Data Aggregation

Automates research activities by aggregating client information from various sources (Internal and External)

Document Review

Review of documents that are collected to evidence client information

Data Review

Duplicate checks and quality review / reconciliations

Data Upload

Integration with strategic systems and migration of data/documents collated after research into internal systems


Ongoing screening of news or sanctions to determine emerging financial crime risks

Perpetual KYC

Ongoing monitoring of client data and trigger alerts when there is a change

How is EXL Digital KYC different.
Simplify regulatory requirements
Improved customer experience
Reduction in turnaround time
Reduces 75% manual effort, thereby decreasing costs
Flexibility with on-site or cloud deployment, easily scalable with non-intrusive integrations
Relevant Industries

Banking & Financial Services



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Digital EXLerator Framework



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Digital Intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and inspires our ideas and research.

Real results

For businesses that aren't satisfied by good enough, or profitable enough, we use Digital Intelligence to deliver real results.

Why exL
Sophisticated and integrated analytics combined with deep domain knowledge.

In today’s banking and financial services industry, increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, the mandate to improve ROI following the global financial crisis, and the imperative to harness digital technologies to improve the customer experience are all intensifying the drive to transform. EXL partners with  institutions to help them stay competitive, improve customer centricity, enhance compliance and risk management and accelerate growth and profitability.

Our professional team has deep experience in all key segments of financial services, including investment banking, asset management, non-banking financial institutions, retail banking, and brokerage. This context enables us to apply banking-specific business intelligence tools to all aspects of your business, from the front office through the middle office to the back office.

Together, we create real, measurable value by deploying advanced analytics, AI, robotics, domain expertise, data, human intelligence and other domain-specific technology solutions to help you stay ahead.

Major Contender
Everest Group's "Know Your Customer-Anti Money Laundering (KYC-AML) BPO - State of the Market with Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2018"
Leader & Star Performer
Everest Group's "Analytics Business Process Services (BPS) - Service Provider Landscape with Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2018"
Innovator & Major Player
NelsonHall's "RPA & AI in Banking" NEAT Report (2017)
Winner's Circle
"HFS Blueprint: BFS Analytics Services 2016"

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