EXL’s client, a major insurance company offering products including life insurance, long-term care insurance, and retirement solutions, faced challenges from the various discontinued products it kept on its books. Maintaining these products required focus and resources that could be better spent on strategic growth initiatives. The fact that the discontinued policies were on legacy systems also meant that they required specialists to service and required frequent manual interventions.

Moving these closed blocks on to a newer system wasn’t feasible for the insurer. Converting policy and customer data is a complex process that can take years, and required significant investment. That makes it difficult to gain leadership buy-in, as companies don’t want to invest in improving these old policies when they have more pressing priorities.

The client partnered with EXL to take an innovative approach to managing its closed blocks of business. EXL serves as a third-party administrator (TPA) for these products, servicing them end-to-end. This included digitally transforming the process and introducing analytics, the LifePRO® platform, and automation.


The usual approach to transferring closed blocks to a TPA is to offload the day-to-day servicing to the vendor while keeping the technology and data infrastructure for the policies the same. While this does create some labor savings, it doesn’t address core issues such as the extra expenses and manual tasks legacy systems require. Transferring both platforms and operations to a partner requires capabilities and insurance domain experience that few companies possess.

Due to EXL’s years of industry experience, the client trusted us to handle both administering and converting these policies to a new platform. EXL provided dedicated employees with the knowledge needed to administer the block of variable and fixed annuity contracts. Half of these employees were Series 6 and 26 registered.

EXL’s LifePRO® platform introduced our proprietary Datamart for analytics. This let us identify patterns and trends to improve multiple areas, such as contact center efficiency. Predictive analytics enabled EXL to segment customers and recommend next best actions to speed up resolving customer complaints.


Digital interventions are built into EXL’s TPA approach from the start, beginning with converting the client’s data to be compatible with the LifePRO® platform. After assessing the data quality, EXL used artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate data mapping and transformation. After handling exceptions, the data was then injected into the LifePRO® platform using a configurable rules engine and multi-threaded streaming to make the process as fast and smooth as possible.

As one of the most flexible platforms in the industry, LifePRO® could handle the full spectrum of products the client offered. This platform also enabled the deployment of other tools, such as RPA to remove many of the manual, time-consuming tasks to improve efficiency and natural language processing to speed up processing paperwork. By combining these digital interventions with our experienced employees, EXL was able to administer the client’s closed blocks end-to-end. This included call center, trades, claims adjudication, cashiering, compliance, complaints, and both financial and non-financial transaction operations.

EXL’s proprietary Customer Service Portal reimagined customer journeys. This enabled us to deploy deflection strategies to move customer interactions to lower-cost channels, such as self-service websites. While traditional contact center representatives were still available for customers who wished to speak with a human representative, this omnichannel model reduced costs and enhanced customer experiences by letting customers use the channel they wanted.

Additionally, EXL instituted a rigorous compliance framework to ensure that all regulations were met. This included the facility earning ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, and SSAE 16 certification for technology and operations.


Choosing EXL as a TPA partner allowed the client to transform their closed block operations with ease. As a result of these changes, the client has won one of the most prestigious awards for contact center customer service three years in a row.

Solution Summary


  • Client needed to reduce costs and improve efficiency for its closed block policies
  • EXL leveraged deep insurance domain expertise and capabilities to provide end-to-end TPA services for these policies
  • Analytics improved contact center efficiency through segmenting customers and recommending next-best actions, speeding up customer complaint resolution
  • Provided employees with skills and knowledge needed to administer both variable and fixed annuity contracts, half of which were Series 6 and 26 registered


  • Used AI and machine learning to accelerate transferring client data from legacy system to LifePRO® platform
  • Oversaw call center, trades, claims adjudication, cashiering, compliance, complaints, and both financial and non-financial transaction operations
  • LifePRO® platform provided flexibility and capabilities to full spectrum of products client offered
  • Deployed RPA and automation to remove manual, time-consuming tasks and improve employee efficiency
  • Proprietary Customer Service Portal reimagined customer journeys for an omnichannel approach, deflecting customer service requests to lower-cost digital channels
  • Instituted a rigorous compliance framework, ensuring facility earned ISO 9001 and 27001 certification and SSAE 16 certification for technology and operations


  • Received three consecutive DALBAR awards, the highest tier of service to customers through call center interactions
  • Client awarded EXL Supplier of the Year award for Value Creation

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