Watch our exclusive webinar on EXL’s proprietary debt collections digital solution, EXL PayMentorTM to discuss how to swiftly transform the collections process for the long term.

You’ll gain insights on the major challenges institutions are set to face in their debt collections process, including;

  • Learn how EXL is helping businesses to execute the payment assistance and collections strategies with AI-driven analytical models and EXL PayMentorTM
  • Get a fresh perspective on how the digital solution helps lenders maximize collections and recover efficiently throughout the delinquency life cycle with an omnichannel digital communication approach (incl. Email, SMS, and IVR messages).
  • Understand how the solution seamlessly integrates into the front-end collection systems and other pre-built key functionalities
  • Showcase the modularity of the digital solution which allows the lenders to customize it and implement quickly across the various stages of digital debt collections cycle


Ankor Rai
Chief Digital Officer, EXL

Gaurav Iyer
Vice President, Head of Advanced Digital Solutions, EXL

Vikas Sharma
Vice President, BFS, EXL

Daniel Yakimenko
Leader, Collections and Strategy Operations, EXL

Puneet Murarka
Leader, Collections Analytics, EXL

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