Group insurance

Group insurance

Improve outcomes. Enhance experiences.

Group insurance

Improve outcomes. Enhance experiences.

Intelligent operations drive smarter group insurance results

Smart moves are powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning analytics solutions.

End-to-end operations management capabilities provide benefits such as:

  • Amplify the broker experience
  • Enhance your data strategy
  • Readily adapt to changing market and regulatory conditions

Bring together the power of analytics, digital, and rich domain experience to provide outcome-based solutions.

Intelligent operations drive smarter group insurance results

Group life insurance solutions

Group life insurance solutions

Actuarial transformation

Reimagining the actuarial function of the future

EXL Digital Endorsement Portal

Cutting-edge extraction and automation across the endorsement process

EXL digital intake solution for insurance

Powered by EXL Xtrakto.AI™

EXL Digital Virtual Assist (DIVA)

AI-powered digital customer experience

Conversational AI

Redefine your customer experience for measurable results

EXL insurance wallet

Effectively manage risk through adequate insurance coverage

Insurance analytics

Using the power of digital to transform insurance

Insurance Analytics Leadership Exchange

Insurance analytics experience and thought collective

LDS new business and underwriting

Unlock new markets and distribute any product


Enabling the next generation of products and servicing


Leading the way in Life & Annuity policy administration

Third-party administration

Reduce costs and provide excellent customer service
Featured insights
EXL’s client, a large US-based group and voluntary benefits (VB) carrier, detected inefficiencies in its quote and proposal process and requested an “outside-in” process assessment to determine opportunities to improve. Specifically, they wanted to create a differentiated experience and reduce operating expenses associated with assembling quotes for RFPs, while also enhancing customer experience with an eye on improving its win percentage.
We have identified eight trends that we believe business in general should use as guides for their strategic development. In this first issue, we will address the two first EXL levers for growth: resilience and diversity.