LifePRO® DataMart

Watch our webinar to learn more about DataMart, EXL's integration platform that provides customers with a consolidated view of the data available in the LifePRO® database. The DataMart provides efficient, flexible historical and current reporting, serving as an integration point with other systems or data warehouses.

Our panelists covered the following potential benefits of LifePRO® DataMart:

  • Simplify LifePRO® version upgrades
  • Avoid costly maintenance for custom ETL procedures
  • Simplified integration with other systems and corporate data warehouses
  • Continually adding tables and fields to the DataMart


Nicholas Spradlin
Service Manager, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Brian Abraham
Chief Architect, EXL LifePRO®

Erick Thompsen
Technical Services Consultant, EXL LifePRO®

Mahesh Goswami
Sr. Architect Application Programming, EXL LifePRO®

Gregory Wheeler
Solutions Consultant, EXL LifePRO®

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