Center for Generative AI Acceleration

Center for Generative AI Acceleration

EXL is training over 1,500 AI experts out of the 8,000 data scientists it has working with clients to drive deeper insights and advance business outcomes. EXL’s expert services team brings deep industry-specific expertise needed to help clients in insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, media, legal services and retail with the hands-on support they need to operationalize enterprise AI initiatives. Clients will be able to leverage 1,500 trained staff from EXL’s Center for AI Acceleration to scale their enterprise AI initiatives.

EXL has been a leader in AI for the better part of a decade, and can put generative AI to work for enterprise customers. Contact us for more information.

Design future-state operating models and stay ahead of competition

Orchestrating Humans and Technology..Data and Domain…Analytics and Automation..Economy and Scale..for enterprises seeking the next level of everything… innovation, transformation and growth. EXL’s distinct methodology operationalizes the three powerful As- AI, Analytics and Automation, with data capabilities at the core, to enable agile and intelligent operations for enterprises. EXL’s AI CoE combines our unmatched expertise in Domain, Data, Analytics and AI to ideate, develop and deploy industry-relevant, scalable and modular solutions for businesses. Through our AI-powered solutions, we create unrivaled experiences, unlock cost efficiencies, develop future-state operating models and new ways of working, deploy integrated digital capabilities and solutions, execute change management, minimize time-to-market and achieve optimized outcomes for our prized clients.

EXL differentiators

  • Modern Cloud-Native Digital Tech Platforms for rapid deployment
  • Established Cloud & AI COE driving adoption, innovation and capability building
  • Proven AI-powered solutions deployed across verticals, with immense success across KPIs
  • Scalable and Modular AI Solutions, with ability to ramp up and down swiftly
  • Robust orchestration platform to operationalize AI, Analytics and Automation capabilities
  • Access to larger technology ecosystem through extensive partnerships and alliances
  • Robust security and compliance practices to guard data privacy, security and IP
  • Enhanced delivery of business outcomes with hyper-automation
  • Well-rounded leverage of external ecosystem with interim ramp up of Cloud & AI talent
  • Best-in-class leadership, deep industry domain & talent sourced globally
  • Plug-and-play approach, accelerating speed-to-market
  • Readily available frameworks and tools