Customer experience (CX) transformation is becoming increasingly important due to changing customer expectations, cost pressures, and a need for increased market differentiation.

While CX has become a major focus area, digital customer experience transformation initiatives are seldom easy and have multiple aspects to take into account. This can make it difficult to drive better outcomes for customers.

EXL’s approach to customer experience transformation is Connections, a suite of solutions which can help maximise the impact of each component involved:

Suite of solutions

How We Help?

EXL has been helping clients to transform CX by leveraging EXL’s CONNECx, a CONNEected Customer Experience platform:


CX transformation isn’t a one size fits all proposition. Whether you need the full suite of CX solutions or an add-on solution to tackle specific problem, EXL tailor our offerings to best fulfill your goals.


EXL collaborates with clients to blueprint, implement, manage and execute successful CX transformation programmes that deliver tangible business outcomes and better customer experience. Our CX experts bring industry domain, customer experience and digitization capabilities together to create an actionable roadmap for CX transformation.


We are experts in cloud, data architecture, data integration, data governance, data quality, and master data management. Empowered with a proven methodology that embraces Agile and Lean principles, EXL knows how to unlock the power of data and make CX transformation projects and programs successful.


We bring in best-in-class digital solutions to unify every moment of the customer journey across channels and departments, turning touchpoints into a story. Our Conversational AI – EXELIA.AI takes customer experience to the next level by using human-like interactions powered by natural language processing and contextual understanding. It makes these consumers self-sufficient and able to instantly solve their concerns any time.


EXL’s AI-powered Management Information Assistant (MIA) provides a real time view of customer journey which helps our clients to proactively manage potential issues that can lead to customer effort. It also enables a shift from traditional siloed operating model to an integrated front and back office focusing on the right customer outcomes.


EXL Digital Virtual Assist (DIVA), powered by EXL’s proprietary AI based digital intelligence platform that augments human intelligence to improve customer experience. It enables employee to have meaningful conversation with customers by providing with real time guidance, 3600 view of customer and recommendations for next best action.


Rahul Arora
Vice President, EXL

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