The challenge

A travel provider faced high revenue leakage from penalties related to customer and airline errors when making corrections to flight reservations, car or hotel booking requests, and upgrade requests. This resulted in monthly forecasts varying over 50% due to weather anomalies and system outages. Replacing employees on the 150 member team required 10 weeks of training, making handling attrition difficult, stretching time-to-competency durations, and creating significantly higher average handling times. 

Digital Intelligence Solution

EXL created automated scripts that managed customers requesting cancellations online. Requests are auto-sampled, with reps directed to focus on sensitive high-value tickets and airlines prone to agency debit memos. Forecasting models were developed that could accurately predict queue volumes up to three months in advance.

The required training time for new employees was reduced through the development of an online tool for conducting standardized tests and trainings. This training was delivered through multiple modes and required minimal trainer intervention. 

Real Results

-    8% volume reduction from primary queues
-    50% cost reduction through avoided airline errors
-    50% cost reduction through avoiding high-value errors
-    50% improvement in turnaround time adherence

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